Steven J. Schwartz

General Partner 

"Prudent Capital has invested in a previous Bill Curtis venture with very good results.  Bill does a great job of executing on an extremely well-conceived business strategy and delivering a strong exit value as promised to all involved."

Jason I. Epstein, Esq


"I have worked with Bill for the past 15 years.  He has a proven track record of growing businesses and leading them to greater profitability and success."

J. Andrew Lemons, Esq

Healthcare REgulatory Attorney


"Bill's attention to all strategic aspects of his healthcare companies, including compliance and regulatory issues, reflects his long-term vision, mitigates risk and promotes enhanced shareholder value."

E. James Streator, III

Managing Director, Healthcare

“Over the last 10 years, I have had the opportunity to work with Bill as his banker and, as an investment banker focused exclusively on healthcare, follow the progress of the companies that he has led.  The bottom line is that Bill’s solid execution of a well-honed strategic plan delivers above-market results…achieving strong double-digit revenue growth in markets with low single-digit growth rates."

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Michael D. Monte

Senior Vice President - Healthcare

Huntington National Bank

"I have worked with Bill in several capacities over the last 7 years, including serving as his Lead Senior Lender for CBLPath. I have seen him guide businesses through a variety of strategic initiatives and market conditions. One constant I have witnessed is the critical thinking he brings to a process. Whether large corporate or entrepreneurial start-up, Bill is able to frame the issues and develop a strategy to meet the objectives. He has the experience and perspective to respond to changing landscapes with effective solutions."

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